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Tien Talks

Every Other Tuesday @ 7PM PST
Join the Wizard for live guidance, coaching, readings, wisdom of the elements, universal divinities, dragons, wizards, portals, light beams and all things magickal. I keep it real, with down to earth tools and techniques to live your most Powerful, Amazing, Joy filled, Magickal life! 
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Live Speaking Engagements

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Courses and Lessons

January 27th, 2019
How Not to be Stupid Around Trans People
Location: A transformative 1 3/4 hour Online Course
This course ultimately gives access to Soul to Soul Connectedness.
I open up a new dimension of awareness for humanity. Unravelling ancient myths around gender, giving us the freedom of Choice, Joy and the expression of our Soul’s purpose
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Upcoming Online and Live Courses – Transcending Gender, a 4 course series, presently in creation
Humanity is rapidly evolving, be smarter, savvier, more enlightened and gain access to TRUE FREEDOM, one where you are no longer constrained by your gender, your sex, your identity, your own and other’s viewpoints of you! You finally get to say who You are and find More Joy and Power in ALL your expressions! You let yourself be YOU! Life alters, transforms and NOW you get to LIVE YOUR DREAM LIFE!
Stay tuned for this exciting NEW Series!

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