Live Events

To see Tien in a live event, check out the list of shows below.
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Magick Mondays

Every Monday @ 7PM PST

The Wizard provides powerful, practical and fun guidance through a live transmission.
When the Wizard goes LIVE, leave your name on the comments once for your Guidance, Wise Ass Wisdom, Coaching and techniques to living YOUR Magickal Life! 
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Live Speaking Engagements

Feb 6th and March 6th, 7.30 pm
Guest speaker at First United Spiritualist Church,
5584 Kincaid St, Burnaby BC
No fee

March 2nd, 8.30am
Speaker at Creative Mornings Vancouver
SFU Woodwards Centre, Vancouver
Limited seating at this popular monthy event. Pre register for your complimentary ticket at

Courses and Lessons

Upcoming Online and Live Courses – Transcending Gender, a 4 course series, presently in creation
Humanity is rapidly evolving, be smarter, savvier, more enlightened and gain access to TRUE FREEDOM, one where you are no longer constrained by your gender, your sex, your identity, your own and other’s viewpoints of you! You finally get to say who You are and find More Joy and Power in ALL your expressions! You let yourself be YOU! Life alters, transforms and NOW you get to LIVE YOUR DREAM LIFE!
Stay tuned for this exciting NEW Series!


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