Tien is one of the very few beings on this planet that has transcended two of the most fundamental structures of duality that we live within – one is gender and the other is suffering. In conversations with Tien, I see true freedom of the Self. I have learned that regardless of how “transformed” we think we are, we still live constrained by these fundamental structures of duality, and when we can, transcend them, we can begin to touch spirit – Tien is one of the most enlightened beings I have had the privilege of learning from.

—Kari Granger, LLC, Executive and Leadership Coaching

I have only known Tien for a short time, however the impact he has had on my life has been incredible. I have had self-esteem and confidence issues for most of my life, and no one has ever been able to help me overcome these feelings of inadequacy. Until Tien began coaching me that is!  In only two sessions, he brought my attention to how much of a bully I was being to myself, and now, I have been able to grow into the person I’ve always been; the one who was hidden underneath all of that self-hate. Being around Tien, with his magical personality, and a joie de vivre for all that life has to offer brings out the joy hidden within. Add to that, his words of encouragement and precise ability to cut through the nonsense and we have a very gifted person in our presence. Meeting Tien is a blessing and a gift from Fate.

Reese Baker, Psychic Medium

Tien is an amazing alchemist/wizard beautiful soul who has gifts to share with the universe. He had been through the darkest and deepest wounds of mankind and has emerged from the burnt ashes, like a phoenix with a new life, mastering unconditional love. He had shifted his darkness into a bright light of hope, faith, love and joy for everyone to see. He is authentic and has a profound message to share to all sentient beings of love and light. I’m blessed to have him in my souls group.

Teza Zialcita, Author of Universal Conscious Self, Akashic Records healer and teacher

Tien has been both a friend and a mentor to me. There is something about him that makes me sit up and listen – maybe because he is one of the few people I know living an authentic and deliberate life. He walks his talk, is both forthright and kind, and exudes playfulness and joy. He is an extraordinary soul.

Julia L., Educator

I have known Tien for over 20 years both professionally and personally. Tien always inspires me with his ability to be clear and authentic and to have light and joy present in anything that he takes on. In 2008 and 2009, he created the first celebrations in Vancouver that focussed on transgendered people’s strength, courage and creativity. Through that process, I was delighted by how he brought a new and groundbreaking event out into the public. We worked together on this project and as a leader, Tien always stepped up in a way that grounded the volunteer team in the mission of the event (to promote trans happiness) and invited and inspired community participation. A chapter on the events was included in the book Trans Activism in Canada: A Reader. Tien is always happy to talk about the trans experience and has a unique conversation around gender which creates more space in the world for everyone. I am excited for the world to experience his teachings and wisdom.

Devon Macfarlane