Why be coached by a wizard?

A Wizard is a being who creates their life, as if like magic to the onlooker. However, this is a conscious creation, the ability to manifest with the aid of the elements of the universe, together with one’s own internal powers. When you are coached by a wizard, not only are you empowered to take on your life with power and gusto, you do it with beauty, ceremony, magick and wonder.

Who Benefits From Coaching with a Wizard

The people who benefit the most from my coaching are those committed to practical guidance for:

  • Developing the ability to live a life by their design supported by the Elements*.
  • Living a Magickal* life, wonderfully balanced and fully satisfying with joy and beauty.
  • Want to expand their power and intentionality on planet earth, leaving others in light and joy.
  • Living a life such that when it is time to leave their body, they are proud of their accomplishments as well as who they got to “be” while on earth.
  • Being awesome.

My work is based in both modern coaching technology and steeped in the mystique of magick that is all around. This is my gift to the world, to teach and to create beauty!

The Wizard Touch

Working with a Wizard brings you to the place where you can tap into the power that is inherent in the Universe, the power that we were all born with. While many of us have forgotten how to use this power, the Elements of the Universe are always there to tap into and show us the way! When you work with me, you will be trained to listen to your source, and from there, harness your power to act, to create, to speak, to envision, to impact your life and the world leaving you with peace, power and the life that you have always dreamed of.

Elements – Universal base elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal. In countless cultures all over the world, the elements are seen as fundamental, foundational blocks, essence or energies that has given birth to life as we know it.
I utilize the Chinese foundational elements that has five elements, as opposed to the more commonly known four elements.

*Magick – This is distinctively different from magic (e.g. the illusion of pulling a rabbit out of a hat). Magick is an ancient pagan word that describes the act of utilising the power of creative thinking, together with the forces of the universe, the elements to enhance one’s life.

Coaching packages

Personal Guidance PACKAGES
All sessions take place over Video Conference Call

The READINGSingle Personal Guided Reading  $60
“The Reading” is for you if:
-You have a strong spiritual practice, and something is missing that allows you your full potential unleashed.
-You are new to and or discovering a path and are not clear where/what/how to proceed
-Your passion for your practice is wavering, life is not as magickal, something is missing
(I do not fortune tell. Wizard will reveal what is missing and give you access to transform it)

  • Consists of one 20-minute personal guided reading
  • Financial Investment in yourself: $60

The Toe Dipper – Single Personal Guidance Session $100

“The Toe Dipper” is designed for the person wanting to check the idea of personal guidance sessions out, but is not yet ready to commit. One personal guidance session can provide you with a powerful new insight or opening in your life that you can take on immediately

  • Consists of one 30-minute personal guidance session
  • Financial Investment in yourself: $100

If you choose to sign on to any Guidance Sessions or coaching immediately following this call, the $100 will be waived

“We are all leaders or influencers in some capacity, whether as a parent, friend, family member, coach or in business. I have recognized that I was not utilizing some important elements in my daily life that can positively impact how I interact not only in my personal life but also as a business person. The Toe Dipper session I had with Tien was insightful, impactful and opened myself to elements of self awareness that have not been fostered over the years. The insights are not only relevant but compliment who I am as a person and adds an important element to my life and to the people I interact with around me. I would highly recommend anyone to spend some time with Tien and have a fabulous conversation with him and yourself.”
– Jason

A Touch of MagickOne Month Personal Guidance Sessions $1100
“A Touch of Magick” is designed to provide you with the foundations for living your magickal life.  Whether you are a novice seeker, soul connected or well trained practitioner, these sessions open up new, enlightened and joyful ways of looking at and living your life that will have powerful result in all areas of your life. During the sessions, Tien will provide you with powerful insight and intuitive guidance designed specifically for you. By committing 4 weekly sessions, you give yourself necessary support to begin to establish a new foundation for yourself.

  • Consists of four (4) 60 minute personal guidance sessions
  • With one 5-minute “urgent” or check-in call per week
  • Financial Investment in yourself: $1100

“Coaching with Tien the Wizard is one of the BEST gifts I have given myself. His ‘bullshit’ detector is fined tuned, so being honest with him came easily as nothing less than acceptable. He is a no-nonsense, solutions- oriented teacher who provided me with tools to feel and hear my soul, had me be much more decisively clear and powerful in my choices. I learned radical self-empowerment, not to second guess and doubt myself, and how NOT to stress out and roll around in my insecurity. Tien in all his kindness, sense of humor and velvet hammer type accountability taught me how to prioritize joy and not take myself so seriously. I know now that I am the captain of my own ship, which means I choose with power the course my life takes. I can’t express how much I got out of working with Tien, and I do mean WORK, but good awesome deep satisfying soul surgery type of work.”
– Janine P.

THE POWERFUL WIZARDThree Month Guided Coaching $1600
“The Powerful Wizard” is designed for those who are committed to a life of power, magick, joy and abundance – all things fulfilling! It is designed for the courageous, committed spirit that you really are, looking for higher awareness and sustainable guidance that will bring forth the true authentic being that you KNOW you are. Three months of coaching allows for the long-term support needed to make sustained transformations in your life.

Consists of

  • First month of A Touch of Magick
  • Second Month of 4 weekly, 30 min calls
  • Third Month of two, every other week, 30 min calls
  • With one 5-minute “urgent” or check-in call per week
  • Financial Investment in yourself: $1600

Tien Neo Eamas is the first Asian transman to publicly transition in the then called gay and lesbian community (2001), in Vancouver, Canada. A true survivor, Tien endured years of abuse in his family of origin in Singapore, suffered through struggles with immigration, finances, self esteem and hatred, lived with massive misunderstanding, dis-acknowledgement and abuse as an Asian bi- gendered transman. And in 2009, Tien attempted suicide.
In this moment of truth, Tien chose a life of joy no matter the conditions. The following years of spiritual and personal growth had him finally rise from the ashes and embrace his full power, magick and joy, and discover a deep love of self. This wisdom of deep self love in the face of abuse, hardship and hatred, the magick of faith and beauty, the belief in all things possible, the resilience of human nature, and the willingness for much more than an ordinary life has Tien be a powerful, inspirational, accessible and humourous coach, guide, speaker and leader in the world.
Together with Tien, you will discover and access with ease, YOUR inherent power and joy, so that you too can live a powerful, joyful, fulfilling abundant life!

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