Live a life by your design: consciously create and manifest what’s important to you.

Tien’s courses, workshops and one-on-one coaching programs are designed to bring forth the true authentic being that you are. The work is based in both modern coaching technologies and deep spiritual practices.

About Tien

I am a modern day Wizard, Artist, Coach, Gold/Silversmith, Alchemist, Performer and Inspirational Speaker. Media appearances include CBC, CTV, Home Makeover Magazine, Shaw TV, Ming Pao, The Transgender Project, MakeIt TV, and I have hosted on News For the Soul. I host Wizard Wednesdays on Facebook Live, providing guidance and coaching. A gold/silversmith of 20 years, I build pieces of power and beauty, sacred ceremony and symbolism in silver, gold and precious gemstones. I have a Bachelor of Fine and Performing Arts from Simon Fraser University, Interior Design and Classical Feng Shui Certificates.

Why I Do What I Do – I was born in Singapore in 1968. I was born female into a mixed race/class, fundamentalist Christian family; my childhood was filled with fear, pain, abuse, unhappiness and confusion. Moving to Canada in 1987 brought more years of struggles with family, immigration, finances, self esteem and gender challenges.

I was the first Asian trans man to publicly transition in the Vancouver gay/lesbian community in 2001. I was extremely lonely, self hating, struggling in my new male gender and in my business; and I was in debt. In 2009, I attempted suicide. The next morning, I had a hard talk with myself, ‘Tien, live or die, it’s your choice. If you choose to live, promise me you will have loads of fun, otherwise go home to your maker.’

I chose to live! Having experienced the depth of self-loathing, fear, pain and loss, I now know the heights of immense joy and freedom. This energy of joy, beauty and magick is in all that I do. I CHOOSE all that I do and in this choice, I promise you my true essence, my love and delight of being alive.

Choosing joy is like creating a life of Magick. I now give my life to having a fantastic time. All my work is imbued with my essence, gifting you with the magick of joy and beauty. Whether you work with me as a coach, an artist, or in any other capacity, I promise that YOU will be inspired, left with lessons and guidance to recommit and create your own life that is filled with Joy, Abundance and Power!

My ‘Spiritual’ And Personal Development Journey – After leaving Singapore in the late 1980’s, I ran into New Ageism in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I dabbled in mystical magics, various occult- like practices and channeling. I learned pagan based spiritualities, herbal/plant magic to heal my broken body. I struggled with my ‘spirituality’ from 1990-2000, always fearful of the Christian god who would smite me down. Always a seeker, I questioned the validity of that religion, as much of its truths did not comply with the gender and sexuality identity confusions that I was personally experiencing. Silversmithing taught me alchemy, magickal chemistry, where I practiced aligning my emotions to that of my vision. Silver trained me to be present and joyful.

I was attracted to Zen Buddhism around 2000, and after a few good years training my brain in meditation and getting the fundamental concept that the meaning of life is only a point of view, I organically moved towards the Abraham teachings. I next took on personal development and leadership training with Landmark Worldwide and the Being a Leader Course, where I got trained in coaching, speaking and training distinctions. As my personal life expanded, I naturally, harmoniously learned to combine all that I had learned into a practice that now works powerfully to allow for a full, enjoyable magical life. These are the distinctions that I coach my clients in- Personal choice and Power, Creating your life as your own, Magick and the Elements, and Ultimate Freedom. Let me support your life!

+1 604 812 8688
Facebook and Instagram : tienneoeamas

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